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The process has produced a number of helpful documents including framing papers, meeting summaries, meeting agendas, modeling results, etc. Use the pull down menus to search by date, document type, or group.

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Transportation WG Phase 3: Mtg.#1 (PM) (10/30/2003)
  T+LU Agenda 10-30-03  (Agenda) (24k)
  Letter to TLU WG prior to 10-30 mtg  (Other) (53k)
  Brown Student Research - TOD  (Presentations) (2,343k)
  Clean Fuels/Fleets - NESCAUM Presentation  (Presentations) (41k)
  Clean Fuels / Fleets - Meszler  (Presentations) (1,644k)
  Vehicle Efficincy - Meszler  (Presentations) (1,105k)
  Brown VEIA Presentation  (Presentations) (369k)
  NESCAUM CA-LEV Presentation  (Presentations) (586k)
  Working Group Groundrules  (Groundrules) (16k)
  Overview of RI GHG Process - Phase III  (Presentations) (160k)
  Brown VEIA Model, including instructions  (Other) (67k)
  Transportation WG Meeting Summary 10-30-03  (Meeting Summary) (135k)
  Expected Hybrid Models from Manufacturers  (Background Document) (114k)

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