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The process has produced a number of helpful documents including framing papers, meeting summaries, meeting agendas, modeling results, etc. Use the pull down menus to search by date, document type, or group.

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Phase IV Buildings and Facilities Meeting #1 (11/5/2004)
  NECo Distribution Rate Plan Stipulation and Settlement (Backup rate section p. 26)  (Background Document) (975k)
  B&F WG Agenda 11-5-04  (Agenda) (41k)
  Furnace Standards Memo from NEEP  (Memoranda) (101k)
  Overview of GHG process to date  (GHG Framework) (176k)
  Presentation on Back Up Rate Settlement by Erich Stevens  (Presentations) (36k)
  DG and CHP by Dave Nichols  (Presentations) (42k)
  RI Renewable Energy Fund Programs for DG by Janice McClanaghan  (Presentations) (450k)
  ESCo and Small C&I Programs, Janice McClanaghan  (Presentations) (26k)
  Options for Addressing Oil/Propane in DSM, Dave Nichols  (Presentations) (45k)
  Delivery Cost Reduction, by John Batey, ECR (not presented)  (Presentations) (103k)
  Buildings and Facilities Final Meeting Summary 11-5-04  (Meeting Summary) (143k)

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