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The process has produced a number of helpful documents including framing papers, meeting summaries, meeting agendas, modeling results, etc. Use the pull down menus to search by date, document type, or group.

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Stakeholder Committee 1 (10/4/2001)
  Agenda - S1  (Agenda) (20k)
  Ground Rules - S1  (Groundrules) (29k)
  Framing Paper - S1  (Framing Paper) (138k)
  Stakeholder Meeting - 10/4/01  (Meeting Summary) (41k)
  New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers, Climate Change Report  (Background Document) (71k)
Stakeholder Committee 2 (11/2/2001)
  Agenda - S2  (Agenda) (20k)
  Program Ranking 11/2  (Framing Paper) (69k)
  Preliminary Baseline Study 11/2  (Modeling Results) (168k)
  Stakeholder Meeting - 11/2/01  (Meeting Summary) (40k)
  Preliminary Baseline Study 11/19 (expanded version)  (Modeling Results) (493k)
  Preliminary Baseline Study 11/2 (Revised 1/24/02)  (Modeling Results) (284k)
  Preliminary Baseline Study 11/19 (expanded version) (Revised 1/24/02)  (Modeling Results) (258k)
Stakeholder Committee 3 (3/21/2002)
  Meeting Summary S-3  (Meeting Summary) (60k)
  Agenda - S3  (Agenda) (24k)
  RIGHG Webboard Instructions  (Memoranda) (301k)
  Final RIGHG Progress Memo for the Legislature  (Memoranda) (117k)
Stakeholder Meeting 4 (6/13/2002)
  Final Report from Buildings & Facilities to the Stakeholder Group  (Memoranda) (95k)
  Final Report from the TLU Working Group to the Stakeholders  (Memoranda) (80k)
  Final Report from the ESW Working Group to the Stakeholders  (Memoranda) (71k)
  Buildings and Facilities: Final Phase I Scoping Paper  (Scoping Paper) (233k)
  Transportation and Land Use: Final Phase I Scoping Paper  (Scoping Paper) (268k)
  Energy and Solid Waste: Final Phase I Scoping Paper  (Scoping Paper) (347k)
  Agenda - S4  (Agenda) (22k)
  RI GHG Policy Scenarios: Selected Figures by Tellus  (Background Document) (302k)
  Memo on Structuring the Phase I RI GHG Plan by Raab/Tellus  (Memoranda) (26k)
  Office Complex/Parking Map  (Other) (167k)
  Groundrules - S4  (Groundrules) (31k)
  Meeting Summary S4  (Meeting Summary) (142k)
Stakeholder Meeting 5 (7/18/2002)
  Final RIGHG Plan Body  (Other) (3,938k)
  Final RIGHG Plan Appendices  (Other) (1,076k)
  Agenda - S5  (Agenda) (24k)
  RIGHG Phase I Report Edits 7-17-02  (Memoranda) (25k)
  Final RIGHG Phase I Report Body (PDF)  (Scoping Paper) (1,089k)
  Final RIGHG Phase I Report Appendices (PDF)  (Scoping Paper) (2,170k)
  Meeting Summary - S5  (Meeting Summary) (156k)
Phase II Stakeholder #1 (9/25/2002)
  Phase II Research Agenda  (Memoranda) (95k)
  Agenda  (Agenda) (24k)
  RIGHG Transit Options & Transportation Infrastructure Planning  (Memoranda) (25k)
  Meeting Summary - Phase II S-1  (Meeting Summary) (99k)
  RIGHG Phase II Funding  (Memoranda) (33k)
  Bryan Elmendorf presentation: Integrating CHP into the Grid  (Memoranda) (167k)
  Meeting Summary Draft 3  (Meeting Summary) (109k)
Phase II Stakeholder Meeting #2 (2/12/2003)
  RPS Recommended Design Memo from Working Group  (Memoranda) (90k)
  RPS Scoping Paper from Sustainable Energy Advantage  (Scoping Paper) (590k)
  Vehicle Efficiency Incentive Act (Feebate) Memo  (Memoranda) (247k)
  Agenda  (Agenda) (22k)
  RPS Modeling Memo from Tellus Institute  (Memoranda) (519k)
  Performance Contracting Memo  (Memoranda) (65k)
  Vehicle Efficiency Incentive Act (Feebate) Presentation  (Presentations) (162k)
  RPS Modeling Presentation  (Presentations) (270k)
  RPS Design Issues Presentation  (Presentations) (108k)
  Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (156k)
Phase II Stakeholder #3 (3/21/2003)
  Alternative Feebate Proposal  (Memoranda) (41k)
  Business Rountable Comments on Alternative VEIA Proposal  (Memoranda) (28k)
  Brown University Comments on Original VEIA Proposal  (Memoranda) (29k)
  RPS Chapter  (Other) (1,041k)
  Agenda  (Agenda) (22k)
  Comparison between RI GHG RPS and RIPIRG Legislation  (Other) (107k)
  Interagency Report on Transit-Oriented Development  (Scoping Paper) (102k)
  Interagency Report on Transit-Oriented Development - Appendicies  (Scoping Paper) (1,470k)
  CLF Response to Business Roundtable Comments on VEIA  (Agenda) (36k)
  Feebate Presentation  (Presentations) (183k)
  Buildings and Facilities Working Group Proposals  (Presentations) (73k)
  Potential Phase II Program Options  (Presentations) (96k)
  VEIP Presentation - Tellus Institute  (Presentations) (183k)
  Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (223k)
  VEIP Chapter - Final  (Memoranda) (326k)
  VEIP Chapter - pre-final red line mark-up  (Memoranda) (343k)
  Steve Bernow's Testimony Before the Rhode Island Legislature - RPS (4/1/03)  (Memoranda) (25k)
  Steve Bernow's Testimony Before the Rhode Island Legislature - RPS (4/1/03)  (Presentations) (102k)
Phase II Stakeholder Meeting #4 (5/30/2003)
  NEEP Appliance Presentation  (Presentations) (154k)
  Agenda 5-30-03  (Agenda) (25k)
  Phase III Research  (Scoping Paper) (100k)
  Appliance Legislation  (Other) (82k)
  Meeting Summary 5-30-03  (Meeting Summary) (219k)
  Buildings and Facilities Update  (Memoranda) (27k)
Stakeholder Phase 3: Mtg.#1 (1/22/2004)
  Agenda 1-22-04  (Agenda) (34k)
  Transportation and Land Use Memo (updated 1-22-04)  (Memoranda) (72k)
  Buildings and Facilities Memo (Updated 1-22-04)  (Memoranda) (147k)
  Letter from Oil Heat Institute on Low Sulfur Heating Oil and Bio-Diesel  (Other) (26k)
  Focus Group Report (Education WG)  (Other) (988k)
  Draft Executive Order Updated 1-22-04  (Memoranda) (32k)
  Update from the Education and Outreach Working Group  (Presentations) (551k)
  Low Sulphur and Biodiesel Presentation by Oil Heat Institute  (Presentations) (1,817k)
  VEIP (Feebate) Update to Stakeholders 1-22-04  (Presentations) (260k)
  Low Sulphur and Biodiesel Presentation by Oil Heat Institute  (Presentations) (1,817k)
  Appendix to Buildings and Facilities Memo  (Memoranda) (29k)
  Stakeholder Meeting Summary (Draft) 1-22-04  (Meeting Summary) (157k)
  Energy Efficiency Standard bill in RI House --January 2004  (Background Document) (25k)
Stakeholder Phase 3: Mtg.#2 (NOTE DATE CHANGE) (4/27/2004)
  CA-LEV Recommendation Letter sent 3-22-04  (Memoranda) (104k)
  Letter to Building Codes Committee for more stringent lighting standards (sent 3-22-04)  (Memoranda) (92k)
  Energy and Environmental Performance of New Public Facilities Letter and Executive Order  (Memoranda) (104k)
  EPP letter to Clark Green  (Memoranda) (101k)
  Agenda --Stakeholder Mtg#2 April 27-04  (Agenda) (46k)
  Clean Fleet Exec. Order -finalized 4-27-04  (Memoranda) (103k)
  Fossil Fuel Energy Efficiency & Alternate Energy Funding Program-revised in redline 4-29  (Scoping Paper) (77k)
  LED letter to DOT 4-26-04  (Memoranda) (93k)
  Letter to PUC on CHP/DG Backup Rates  (Memoranda) (89k)
  Letter to PUC on NE Gas DSM Program  (Memoranda) (95k)
  Phase I-III Progress & Accomplishments Powerpoint  (Presentations) (158k)
  Structure of Current VEIA Legislation - Harold Ward  (Presentations) (28k)
  NECo Non-residential segmentation  (Other) (22k)
  Meeting Summary 4-27-04 (Draft)  (Meeting Summary) (156k)
Phase IV Stakeholder Meeting #1 (12/9/2004)
  12-9-04 Stakeholder Meeting Draft Agenda  (Agenda) (43k)
  Phase I-IV Review  (Presentations) (158k)
  Transportation and Land Use Issues and Update  (Presentations) (93k)
  Biofuels Presentation  (Presentations) (2,013k)
  Updating Modeling and Tracking Programs  (Presentations) (82k)
  RGGI Overview  (Presentations) (72k)
  Buildings and Facilities Update  (Presentations) (74k)
  12-9-04 Draft Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (129k)
Phase IV Stakeholder Meeting #2 (3/3/2005)
  Agenda_Stakeholder Mtg #2 -3/3/05  (Agenda) (43k)
  Appliance Letter  (Other) (22k)
  Draft 2005 VEIA Legislation  (Other) (59k)
  VEIA Package_03-03-05  (Presentations) (3,460k)
  Draft Letter to DOE on LEED  (Other) (48k)
  Letter Supporting GHG Legislation  (Other) (22k)
  Attachment 1- Case Studies to RIDE LEED Letter  (Other) (26k)
  Buildings and Facilities Update_David Nichols  (Presentations) (75k)
  Transportation and Land Use: Status of Issues_Dan Meszler  (Presentations) (81k)
  Letter of Support  (Other) (89k)
  Stakeholder Meeting Summary 3-3-05.draft final  (Meeting Summary) (106k)
  Walaska Low Income Letter  (Other) (101k)
Phase IV Stakeholder Meeting #3 (4/28/2005)
  Stakeholder Agenda  (Agenda) (43k)
  CA Pavley 4-28-05  (Presentations) (3,731k)
  Nichols 4.28.05  (Presentations) (264k)
  Meszler - Pavley 4.28.05  (Presentations) (523k)
  PhaseV TLU 4.28.05  (Presentations) (63k)
  Draft Letter to Director of DEM re Pavley  (Other) (23k)
  Meeting Summary_SH_4.48.05  (Meeting Summary) (104k)
  Letter to Director of DEM re Pavley.final  (Other) (101k)
2006 Stakeholder Mtg. w/WGs #1 (1/5/2006)
  Science-ModernGlobalClimateChangeDec2003  (Background Document) (1,314k)
  Science-TheScientificConsensusOnClimateChange.Dec2004  (Background Document) (k)
  Stakeholder Meeting Agenda 1.5.06  (Agenda) (21k)
  Raab - GHG Accomplishments and Next Steps  (Presentations) (181k)
  Nichols - B& F Fossil Fuel Energy Efficiency Presentation  (Presentations) (54k)
  Environment Northeast - Gas and Oil DSM  (Presentations) (2,499k)
  Farley - RI Energy Outlook  (Presentations) (756k)
  Dzykewicz - RIWINDS presentation  (Presentations) (287k)
  Bisson - Outreach and Education Update  (Presentations) (771k)
  Majkut - RGGI Overview  (Presentations) (215k)
  Raab - Draft Workplan  (Other) (20k)
  Keller - Project Status Report  (Other) (72k)
  Majkut-Pavley DG Update1.5.06  (Presentations) (16k)
2006 Stakeholder Mtg. w/WGs #2 (2/16/2006)
  2006 Stakeholder Meeting Agenda  (Agenda) (26k)
  CT Clean Car Incentive Plan - Jan. 2006  (Presentations) (6,307k)
  Clean Car Incentive Plan Cover Letter  (Memoranda) (755k)
  Land Use 2025 - DEM GHG  (Presentations) (13,261k)
  ENERIHEET Fact Sheet  (Other) (42k)
  ENERIHEET Policy  (Other) (33k)
  ICF Presentation 2.16.06  (Presentations) (1,402k)
  Traffic Lights - Rose  (Other) (452k)
  REMI and Retail Rate - Majkut  (Presentations) (239k)
  Outreach and Education Update - Bisson  (Presentations) (158k)
  Senate Bill S2734  (Other) (33k)
  Meeting Summary 2.16.06 Final Draft  (Meeting Summary) (152k)
2006 Stakeholder Mtg. w/WGs #3 (4/6/2006)
  Agenda 4.06.06  (Agenda) (27k)
  NEGCC Draft Comments on Stationery  (Memoranda) (105k)
  Outreach and Education Partnership Guidelines_Bisson  (Presentations) (165k)
  Draft Partner Guidelines for SG Approval_Bisson  (Other) (31k)
  Per Unit Savings RI 2006_NEEP  (Modeling Results) (63k)
  RI Benefits 2006_NEEP  (Modeling Results) (41k)
  2006 RI Appliance Letter  (Memoranda) (144k)
  Meeting Summary_4.6.06  (Meeting Summary) (153k)
  Senate Letter Draft Final  (Memoranda) (100k)
  ESCO Letter.final  (Memoranda) (97k)
  Seante Letter_final  (Memoranda) (96k)
2006 Stakeholder Mtg. w/WGs #4 (6/15/2006)
  Agenda 6.15.06  (Agenda) (30k)
  Nichols Presentation 6.15.06  (Presentations) (99k)
  Nichols Slides 6.15.06  (Presentations) (64k)
  Grace Presentation 6.15.06  (Presentations) (120k)
  Raab- Summary Charts 6.15.06  (Presentations) (417k)
  Meszler Presentation  (Presentations) (186k)
  Raab - Maine Chart 6.15.06  (Presentations) (74k)
  Meeting Summary_6.15.06  (Meeting Summary) (116k)
Stakeholder Meeting Year 6, #1 (11/30/2006)
  Stakeholder Meeting Agenda 11/30/06  (Agenda) (33k)
  Invitation to 11.30.06 Stakeholder Meeting  (Other) (28k)
  Heaps Presentation  (Presentations) (225k)
  Meszler Presentation  (Presentations) (139k)
  Nichols Presentation  (Presentations) (126k)
  UCS NECIA Presentation  (Presentations) (7,267k)
  Keyspan Johnson Presentation  (Presentations) (2,021k)
  Walmart Press Release  (Other) (163k)
  RI GHG Stakeholder Process Year 6: Workplan and Budget  (Other) (70k)
  Meeting Summary_11.30.06  (Meeting Summary) (213k)
Stakeholder Meeting Year 6, #2 (2/15/2007)
  Draft GHG Letter to Carcieri on RIPTA  (Memoranda) (27k)
  Agenda 2.15.07  (Agenda) (26k)
  RI GHG agenda 2-15-07 final  (Agenda) (26k)
  RI GAs DSM Filing Summary  (Meeting Summary) (119k)
  Letter to Carcieri on RIPTA  (Background Document) (28k)
  LCP White Paper Outline  (Other) (25k)
  LCP Presentation  (Presentations) (688k)
  Grid Gas DSM Filing  (Background Document) (77k)
  Biofuels presentation  (Presentations) (858k)
  Baseline Charts 2007 v4  (Background Document) (161k)
  Meeting Summary 2-15-07  (Meeting Summary) (216k)
Stakeholder Meeting Year 6, #3 (4/26/2007)
  RI GHG Final Agenda 4.26.07  (Agenda) (28k)
  RI LCP White Paper Draft 4.24.07  (Other) (142k)
  Weston Presentation 4.26.07  (Presentations) (331k)
  Zschokke Presentation 4.26.07  (Presentations) (78k)
  Nichols Presentation 4.26.07  (Presentations) (101k)
  Hornby Presentation 4.26.07  (Presentations) (44k)
  RI GHG Final Meeting Summary 4.26.07  (Meeting Summary) (187k)
Stakeholder Meeting Year 6, #4 (6/14/2007)
  Synapse LCP Final Report 6.6.07  (Other) (237k)
  Agenda 6.14.07  (Agenda) (26k)
  Modeling of Rhode Island GHG Emissions v2  (Modeling Results) (2,687k)
  RI GHG re options for LCP standards.6.14.07  (Other) (823k)
  Summary Charts v8  (Other) (954k)
  Draft Meeting Summary 6.14.07  (Meeting Summary) (166k)

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